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Education and Tutoring

The e-learning market globally will continue to soar on a path of significant and fast growth. The significance of the industry is propelled by higher education, online certification, nationwide online networks for education and rapid content digitization. Further, the demand for top faculties and international standards of tutoring and certifications has contributed towards the growth of the market. According to recent reports, there has been more than $6 billion in venture capital inflow into the market. The service provider are taking the advantage of off-spin profit ventures and include big corporations, dot-com ventures and all scales of universities. In 2011 alone, the global revenues from e-learning reached the figure of $35.6 billion and this is expected to cross the $51.5 billion mark by 2016. The online tutoring and education industry is considered to be a niche segment, influencing sales trends through smart devices and the traditional internet platforms. Mobile learning and smart phone educational apps have helped several institutions and customers (students and corporate) increase their productivity in little time and investment. Consequently, many schools, colleges and universities have entered the e-learning classrooms, leveraging and supporting the traditional learning environments. Knowledge and learning is easier to access with the use of the latest technologies.

Education and Tutoring industry service offerings

Online e-learning applications

e-learning is spreading its wings as its effective way to teach with the help of videos and infographic.

Interactive gaming applications

Generate gaming application so that students would easily learn thing by taking interest.

Remote learning environment

Expert in creating virtual and remote location learning environment for better user-experience.

Virtual classroom solutions

We provide best solution for virtual classroom so that anyone can attend classes form remote location.

AICC/SCORM compliant content

We provide SCORM and AICC to ensure that e-learning courses and LMSs communicate properly.

Social integration of services

We integrate all services socially in perfect way which leads to much traffic on your website.

Industry challenges and opportunities

Control over learning platforms

Propelled by technology and smart devices, students are now in better control over the specific learning materials they want to be delivered. This has also empowered them with the ability of choosing the place, time and methods of tutoring.


For e-learning service provider the greatest challenge is creating a platform for engagement. While students can take advantage of a variety of media ranging from audio, video and photographic materials, incorporating them into a single platform requires experience and technical skills. Also, service providers cannot compromise upon the experience of convenience.

Revenue Generation

Online classrooms help students cut down on physical investment in travelling, going to an institutions and related expenses. However, the market is huge and coming up with a creative learning platform is vital to the success of the business.

Offers Business Value

  • Product development: E-learning is a widely accepted product line globally but institutions and service providers need to come up with a variety of models which also need to be customized according to the specific requirement of students. Our developers will help claim your market share with innovative e-learning solutions.
  • Educational licensing: Affiliation is a crucial part of the business. Our managers know just where and how to get certified and gain a recognition.
  • Cross platform designs: Students today are using a variety of devices for learning. Our developers can create cross platform design and responsive interfaces that will smoothly integrate themselves with the device the content is accessed from.
  • Marketing: To reach out to a wider student base, our marketing channels and SEO techniques has helped several clients get most out of their investment.