We are a private company focused on commercial-scale renewable energy development. As an independent renewable power producer, our goal is to sustainably build, own, and operate wind, run-of-river hydroelectric, and solar generation projects across North America.

Our Business Model

Our business model is centered around the importance of diversity; diversity in generation type, geography, and lifecycle stage will provide stable, long term returns for our shareholders. M2 targets the acquisition and development of both greenfield projects and operating renewable energy facilities. We are a values-based organization which recognizes that earning the trust and support from the communities in which we operate is critical not only to living our values, but to enhancing our continued ability to drive growth and make positive change, both locally and globally.

To provide a solid foundation from which to execute our business model, we have brought together one of the most experienced and successful renewable energy teams in Canada. With committed shareholders and significant access to capital, there is no project too big for us. This combination of experience and financial strength will continue to propel M2 into a leading renewable power producer.

Our Partners

We believe in and value deep relationships with the communities we operate in, with Aboriginal groups, landowners, suppliers, lenders, shareholders, and entrepreneurs. We believe in acting based on our values, and in making sincere commitments and following through; we look for partners that share these beliefs.

We are a values based company with deep experience and strong financial backing. We are who you want to work with.

We are always looking for opportunities and partners on renewable power projects.

Tell us about your project

We believe in and value deep relationships with our landowners, municipalities, Aboriginal groups, suppliers, lenders, shareholders, and entrepreneurs. We are always looking for opportunities and partners on renewable power projects. Contact us!

Our Values

How you do things is as important as what you do.

Foundational Values

When M2Renewale was founded in 2002, the founders came together to set out the foundational values on which we wanted to base the company. Five foundational values were chosen. Every hour of every day, our team strives to uphold these values in all of our individual and collective actions and choices:

  • Integrity – We uphold our commitments, do what we say we will do, and treat our stakeholders and partners with respect and fairness.
  • Responsibility – We all own our actions, our work, our successes and our mistakes.
  • Passion – We do what we do so well because we are passionate about making a difference through renewable energy, we are excited about our work, our company and our team.
  • Deliberateness – We take the time we need to make good decisions based on the right information.
  • Caring – Caring deeply about the communities in which we operate, our relationships, our performance, and about the feedback we receive from our stakeholders is a critical factor in M2 success, differentiating us from others in the renewable energy sector.

Organizational Values

From day one at M2, a set of organizational values was also set to define how M2 will act as a corporation.

  • Sustainability – We work to find the right balance between people, planet, and profit in every decision and action we take.
  • Innovation – When challenges arise we look for new ways of approaching problems, never assuming that because something has not been done in the past it should not be done in the future.
  • Execution – We develop and construct projects on time and on budget, listening to our communities and partners and upholding our commitments.

Our values, implemented throughout the Company, drive our business practices and ensure we are engaging respectfully, responsibly, and profitably in our dealings.