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Pharmacy & Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries globally. The pool of consumer-patients has been increasingly every year and the industry is well supported by the growth of chronic disease management. The current figures for the healthcare industry are between $6 and $7 trillion and are expected to rise to $12 trillion in another three years. The industry is controlled by spiraling expenses that cannot be avoided by customers. Improving technology and regular breakthrough in medical science ensure that the market activity never slows down. Just in the United States, consumers spend more than $4.6 trillion in 2015 alone. Consequently, the industry had provided a minimum of 540,000 jobs last year in Michigan alone. By 2020, the pharmacy and healthcare industry will be creating more than 5.6 million new jobs globally. The future of healthcare industry has never been dull. The reasons have been reliability, effectiveness, efficiency and affordability created by new technologies and streamlining of services. Technology has had huge implications for this industry wherein customers have found it more convenient to access healthcare services, products, advices and tips. Non-prescription drugs can now be made to be delivered to your doorsteps. Several people across the globe use bio-feedback to gauze their illness. It is estimated that in 2016 alone, IT healthcare services will amount to $24 billion.

Pharmacy and Healthcare industry service offerings

Electronic healthcare record systems

Applications for checking record of patient and schedule of doctors.

Clinical management software development

Hospitals management software and related activities with excellent features.

Web portals and application development

We are best in providing application for each different field and development of portals.

Claim recovery IT solutions

It is easy to handle claim recovery process by software rather than roaming here and there.

Remote health monitoring

One of the best facilities for patients to get check-up of health from remote location by application.

Product development / maintenance

Development and maintenance services for software and applications at effective cost.

ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010

ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010 ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010 ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010 ICD-10 / HIPAA 5010

HL-7 integration

HL-7 integration

Healthcare analytics and business intelligence

software for health analytics as well to observe activity of doctors and patients.

Electronic health records and exchanges

We check health records by our software and assist patients and make it feasible for doctors as well.

Legacy migration system development

Cost-effective and performance-effective software porting services for best platform.

Infrastructure management

Software and applications for managing infrastructure and management in proper manner.

Industry challenges and opportunities


Though the online events and ticketing industry has several consumer benefits, many practices have in fact led to a consumer backlash. A good example would be consumers depending on the online booking but see that the tickets have been sold in a few minutes or less. The reason had been brokers getting the whole bunch of tickets and reselling them at higher prices.

Government Regulation

While this is an industry with global implications, healthcare services and products are highly regulated by domestic government regulations. Changes in standards and healthcare reforms have always been keeping the technological elements active and changing.

Increasing Cost of Care

Drug prices have sky rocketed and so is the demography for uninsured patients. At the same time, alternate products have made customers-patients to go for parallel treatment processes. The challenge of a service provider is to offer the most cost-effective and proven alternative in the market.

Offers Business Value

  • Healthcare solution development: Developers at M2 are trained to cater to diversified business requisites. We can help create interactive mobile solutions, complete lifecycle CRM systems, efficient product designs and other scalable IT technologies that boost your business models.
  • Patient information: Our IT platforms (both web and mobile) help your patients have better and guided access to content, tips and other aspects of healthcare consulting.
  • Healthcare service: From appointments to accounting, developers at M2 can come up with a variety of tailored system interfaces for the healthcare industry. We have been instrumental in developing healthcare analytics, fraud detection systems, insurance billing, and several other management practices for clients globally.