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Start-up Solutions

Startups are currently the lifeblood of the technology industry. Small startups are coming up with exceptional ideas and innovations that are changing the way things work. While the regular job market looks relatively healthy after the recent recession, IT jobs have been largely driven by startups in the last couple of years. Based on research data, new firms had actually contributed to more than 3 million jobs last year, while the existing companies were highly sensitive to the economy fluctuations and thereby had a relatively dry job market. Start-ups have been emerging in all types of industries – retail, ecommerce, events, ticketing, IT services, gaming and others. Just the mobile app startup market in the United States created more than 466,000 jobs. Technology has been of great help for startups being able to put their ideas into products and services. The market has been helped by angel investors and partners but it is the growing freedom of technical access and platforms that are helping change the course of economies across the globe. In 2014, more than 62,160 enterprises cropped up in the second quarter of the year while the figures for the first quarters were 50,539. These figures are even more exceptional in countries like India and China. Overall, the startup solutions have been experiencing a solid growth and the consistency will persist in the coming years. For 2015-2017 will increase at least 23.8%.

Startup consulting

We provide consulting services for any business start-up so that you will get right advise and work in correct direction

IT staff Augmentation

If you have been able to do more with your social media presence, contact us for complete details of specifically tailored services.

Enterprise content management solutions

We handle CMS system of enterprise and provide services and applications to handle them in better way

Mobile application development

Our expert team of mobile app developers which develop mobile applications.

Web portal and application development

We develop web portals and applications for start-ups and assist them to set-up properly.

Back office management solutions

Our back office management software with fully customized features easy to manage.

Maintenance and support

Consulting services for any business start-up so that you will get right advise and work in correct directions.

Cloud computing solutions tailored for start-ups

We provide start-ups with best software solutions of cloud computing and related applications.

Industry challenges and opportunities

Offers Business Value

M2 has been catering to a vast diversity of industries and businesses, helping create social content and applications that reach out to all. It is not just about the ease of communication but making the best use of it.

  • Software solutions: Solutions are specifically tailored to work in accordance to your business models and minimize the chances of revenue leakages. Our online applications and work management tools cut down upon fairly redundant administrative processes and resource allocations. For clients, we have been successfully able to deliver increased profitability and efficiency.
  • Business consulting: We don’t just blatantly start working upon your IT platforms but start by a thorough and in-depth research into your target market.
  • ERP solutions: ERP solutions provide clients with a better visibility of human resource needs while streamlining processes. We will help you better secure your logistics, accounting and other departments.